Permission to use data

Where we offer data or leads as a supplier or broker we only do so where we can be sure that the leads provided have been captured legally and that there is either a legitimate interest or that the individual has specifically given their permission for their data to be used in a specific way.

Legitimate Interest

We use legitimate interest at times when we are using an individual’s data in a very specific way, for example if they have used a web page to request information on a product or service. In this circumstance they have specifically requested further contact. We support this with clearly defined privacy policies which ensures they are aware how they may opt-out of any future contact or review the data we hold.

We have carried out an assessment and shown that, it is in the interest of the individual to carry out the data processing and that we have made them fully aware of what actions we are carrying out.


Consent means that an individual has clearly opted in to receive further communication. This is via a clear process where they have had to take an action in order to prove that they agree to be contacted.

Where we use consent as a mechanism we ensure that there is a clear and transparent opt-in process and that the user is fully aware what they are providing their consent for.

Updated Policies

Like many other organisations, we have updated our privacy and cookies policies, the aim has been to add clarity ensuring that individuals know they can request data to be removed from lists or have their details updated.